Thannadane - The Cleansing Storm - Legendary Broad Sword

Thannadane, "The Cleansing Storm"
Legendary Broadsword (Requires Attunement by a Paladin)

Thannadane was forged in the mid 2nd Age, around 1989 K.C. For the Paladin Lord, Sir Gunthar Thrade'Thana, an Auric Knight of the Solumite Order. Forged by his families own high priest, Father Adrec Keth'Solum, it was a gift given to him on the eve of him leaving his home to join his brothers on the First doomed crusade against Pentas Demonica, the City of Stained Stones.

Adrec was a good man, who was thought of as weak by many of his peers, as he saw the sacred light of Solum as a nurturing light, rather than a cleansing fire. He disapproved of the vitriolic and hateful rhetoric being spouted by many of the Platinum Order, and worried that his Lord may become swept up by their viciousness, and shatter his own purity by being lead to commit dark acts, under the misguided impression he was serving his God.

To protect his Lord, he prayed to Solum, and was given the vision of a crystal bladed sword, engraved with angelic prayers and relucent runes, which would prevent the one bearing it from striking anything other than evil. Although it would take him months to forge, the priest set about securing the rare materials he would need, as well as preparing himself spiritually for the task.

For four months he was hardly seen, and Lord Gunthar began to worry that some illness of the body or soul had infected his oldest advisor. However, on the eve of him leaving, the old Priest - drained but happy from his long travails - presented the Paladin with his new blade; a sacred sword, named by Solum himself.

Alas, the blade was lost in the unnatural storms that consumed fully one third of the Solumite fleet (a storm that Histories tell was summoned by Draxian warlocks, and which was filled with all kinds of dark spirits and vile elementals).

When Adrec heard of his Lord's death, he fell into a deep depression, emerging months later a different man, forged from the same zealotry as those he had once decried. He believed that the pride he had felt when he had helped bring the sword into existence had angered his God, and vowed to complete the mission that his Lord was unable to as penance.

He left shortly after for the front line, and served in not only the First but the Second Crusades against Draxia. Records mention him a number of times; a berserker clad in battered plate, bringing death and holy fire to the unworthy. No records tell of his eventual fate, although it seems likely he perished in the final rout at the end of the Second Crusade.

As for Thannadane... Who knows where it now lies, or with whom...

*     *     *

Thannadane is a +2 Metalline Broadsword, which has the following additional properties;

* Only a paladin dedicated to Solum can bear this blade. All others find the blade clumsy and utterly unwieldy; becoming heavily encumbered and suffering both a - 5 penalty to attack and damage rolls with it, and disadvantage with all attacks.

* Evil creatures that willingly touch the sword suffer 22 (4d10) bane damage, and must make a D.C. 19 Wisdom saving throw or become permanently Frightened of it.

* The sword cannot be used to make an attack against a non-evil target.

* Against evil targets, the sword inflicts bane damage, striking for its base damage +11 (2d10) additional bane damage.

* On a critical hit against an evil target, they must make a D. C. 18 Wisdom saving throw or be destroyed. Such creatures are then reforged, their souls blessed and purged of malevolence. The target is then reincarnated somewhere in the universe as a newborn being of pure heart.

* A paladin can channel their Lay on Hands ability through this Blade, to increase the total amount healed with each use by 50% (round up).

* The sword can emit bright light up to 100'. This can be turned on and off as a Bonus Action. The Light is silvery white.