Aurumvorax - CR 8 (Small Beast)

This one is for my mate Dave (who plays the Veteran, and has always voiced his affection for these savage little bastards). The Aurumvorax is a sort of metal infused Honey Badger on crack; a eight-legged mass of super dense bone and muscle with a mouth full of teeth and a very bad attitude. Back when we played AD&D 1st Edition, I used these now and then, just to watch my players' faces as they got torn apart by something slightly larger than a house cat. I suspect I will find a place for them pretty soon in my current games now I have statted them up for 5th.

As always, the stat blocks were made with the Monster Maker by FallenWyvern. Download and help make this the best bit of software for making monster stat blocks (it's already bloody fine!).

Aurumvorax - CR 8

I was asked the other day if an Aurumvorax makes a good pet for children, and I have to say...No...
Not unless you are a Dwaer'Syth anyways...


  1. What's not to love about the 'Golden Gorger'... well unless you're on the receiving end of the vicious little fecker!


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