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Monday, 7 September 2015

Brigandine Armour (Medium Armour)

Before doing these stats I spent a bit of time looking up Brigandine armour, making sure I understood what it was, and whether it was ever actually used for real. Based on what I read, I came up with the stats below, which places it firmly in the Medium Armour slot. Thing is, really, for your money, you might as well go for Studded Leather (if you have a good Dex) or a Chain Shirt / Scale Armour (although they are slightly more expensive and slightly heavier), so you might wonder why I have bothered.

The truth is, as a GM, there are two reasons. Firstly, my players might not choose it when they create their characters, but they might be tempted by the suit of +3 brigandine they find in the crypt, or when they are in  part of the world where it is commonly worn and they need to keep a low profile. Secondly, Brigandine has been in most previous versions of D&D, so it seems only right that it gets a 5th Edition outing too.

So here you are, Brigandine Armour!

Armour Class
13 + Dex mod (Max +2)
16 lbs

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