Elemental Grue (Harginn) - CR 6 (Medium Elemental)

I always thought the illustration of the Harginn in the AD&D Monster Manual II was kinda eerie, and for a while ran them as if they were undead. As with many things in those heady days playing D&D as a 15-year-old, I assumed that things worked a certain way based either on their picture (Beholders and Umber Hulks are tiny) or their name (Any spell with the word 'Death' or 'Kill' in its name is save or die), so my conclusions were understandable....in an ignorant, lazy kind of way.

Much later I forgot about the Harginn. However, my frequent trawls of old adventures and books has unearthed these things again, and I think they, and their other kin, deserve an outing in 5e!


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