Ogre Slug - CR 4 (Large Monstrosity)

Eye of the Beholder III - Assault on Myth Drannor is an awesome game (and if you click on that link, you can get your own copy), that took your adventurers to new and more epic levels of play. It featured a ton of enemies, and alongside all the standard AD&D monsters that featured in it, were a few new beasties who got their own full write ups in the manual. Among these was the Ogre Slug - a sort of Ogre / Slug / Centaur thing that spat acid and generally oozed around the place making it smell bad. As part of my efforts to check out the latest build of the Increasingly excellent Monster Statistics Builder by FallenWyvern, I thought I would convert them to 5e.

It would be rude not to share.

So, here they are...easy to hit, but quite vicious in their damage output. Behold! The Ogre Slug!!!

 Obviously, I don't own the copywrite on this, and I will remove this if asked to!


  1. Thanks for sharing my tool! I love all the monsters you've made so far. I'll undoubtedly use more than a few of them myself.

    1. No worries good sir. It's an amazing piece of kit!


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