Modifying the Concentration Rules

My players and I are loving 5th edition to bits. However, one of the core rules - namely the concentration rules - are kinda' irritating us. I completely see why they are there. Back in earlier versions of D&D, the spell casters could pile on protective spells and make their targets almost invulnerable, or, could pile control effect on to enemies and cripple them. By using the concentration rules as written, this problem is solved...but at the expense of awesomeness.

In the game last night, two spells - Silence and Hold Person came together (along with a 50ft high tower and a monk) to create one of those memorable moments (paralysed bad guys being shoved off afore mentioned tower by the monk, onto the BBEG, who got whacked by them due to being unable to hear their approach, thanks to a Silence spell).

So far, so awesome.

Unfortunately, I realised today, that both are concentration spells, and yep, they were cast by the same characters. If the rules as written had been used, that moment would not have happened.

This has got me to thinking. I know that the concentration rules were one of the rules we were warned not to mess with but...


As written except as below.

1) You can concentrate on a number of spells at once equal to your spellcasting ability modifier
2) The D.C. to keep concentrating increases by +2 per spell beyond the first you have active
3) At the end of each of your turns, when you are concentrating on more than one spell, you must make a D.C. 10 + The number of spells you are concentrating on + the spell level of the highest level spell you are concentrating on, check using your spellcasting ability, or all sustained spells end.

If this seems too complicated, here is another idea...

1) All concentration rules as written except, you can spend a Hero Point, to maintain concentration without the effort. This means you can maintain at least two spells at once - one with a Hero Point, the other normally. Your GM might even let you expend multiple Hero Points per round to keep multiple spells going....

Personally, I like the second one...I'm gonna' try it!