Shardevax - Tar Devil Captain - CR 9 (Medium Fiend)

Ormid and the gang are deep in a huge pile of conspiracy and plots, and as per usual, it has lead to interplanar portals, insanity and horrible massed battles against abyssal hordes. In the last session, an innocent looking hilltop erupted like a pustule, and disgorged a rather pissed off Goristro daemon, and a pack of vicious and hungry Kalavakus (of Pathfinder fame). Backing these guys up was one of the new Captains of the "Grey Men" of Latram; a Tar Devil warrior named Shardevax.

As the massive siege daemon and his blue furred pals ran to meet the party (who had soundly sent a pack of Type I daemons and a Horned Devil back home), Shardevax lazily lobbed a ball of hellfire at Llewellyn, attracting the rogue's ire. Llewellyn then ran towards him, causing the captain to say (whilst tugging his thorned blade, "The Bastard" from its scabbard), "I always wanted to fight a legend".

Llewellyn then reduced him to 2 hit points with one hit, the poor, deluded fiend being ended by a burst of force unleashed from his armour by Ormid's artifice.

The lesson?

Don't get critically hit by a high level rogue who has used a power to grant him his sneak attack dice...

Anyway, as he never got chance to really do anything, I though I would share his stats.

The Bastard by the way, is a  Very Rare unique sword (martial Weapon), that requires attunement, and inflicts +9 (2d8) necrotic damage on each hit. On a critical hit, it inflicts a total of +21 (6d6) necrotic damage, and the target's total hit points are reduced by that amount until they receive a Greater Restoration spell or better. 

Shardevax - written on his tombstone is "Be Careful What You Wish For"