Olive Slime Creature - Medium Plant (CR 3)

Green Slime is pretty damn terrible stuff. However, it has a monstrous relative that not only converts your flesh into sludge, but stops you feeling it doing so, and even convinces you to let it! Olive Slime was originally in the AD&D Monster Manual II, and has appeared in many books since. I am running an Underdark game at the moment (the PUG are looking for an ancient legendary warhammer, and have found themselves in the deep realms), and I statted these up in case they appear.

Now these guys are tough for their CR, and part of me feels they might be more CR 5 in practice. However, I have already raised it above what the official calculations suggested, to make up for the fact that low level groups won't likely have access to Greater Restoration or similar magics.

Anyway, with that said, here they are.

 Yes, yes I know this is a picture of a Slime Devil...but I couldn't find a good one of an Olive Slime Creature ok?