Retriever - Huge Construct (CR 21)

Those that meddle in the affairs of the pit should be worried, for if the powers they have offended are strong enough, they may be hunted by a Retriever. Retrievers first appeared in the 1st Edition AD&D Fiend Folio, and have appeared in almost every edition since (though not in 5th Edition yet). Ormid and the gang are currently in the process of assaulting the abyssal stronghold of a nascent daemon lord, and although I have no active plans to send Retrievers after know...

EDIT: Forgot to take its regeneration into account when working out the CR. Corrected (raised CR to 21).


  1. yeah this is not a cr 21 lol, any party of cr 20 adventurers would kick the crap out of this thing, even with the regen in mind. I would suggest either lowering the CR to 18ish or the following changes to more fully fit a cr 21
    -Change claw damage to 3D10+8, bite to 4d12+8
    - add an eye ray or two to the multi attack
    -increase hp to at least 300
    -consider legendary actions (3 per round, claw:1, Bite:2, eye ray:2)
    -Add legendary resistance


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