Three Riddles

I like riddles, but tend to find that in practice, they can be quite hard to fit into a game, without it being rather contrived. However, in the Ormid game, I was able to fit some in organically, and my players loved them and told me I should post them here for you.

So, here you go, three riddles I wrote. To get the answer, highlight the area beneath each one.


“I was clammy in the evening, and hot by dawn. By dusk I was burning, but I was cold by morn. What am I?”

Answer: A fever 


“All the best ingredients, have gone to make up me,
Yet not one of your dinner guests, would want me for their tea.
What am I?”

Answer: Feces or Vomit


“A heavy weight, to crush your soul,
An always lurking, aching hole,
A shock that finds you when filled with joy,
An echo of when your world was destroyed.
What am I?"

Answer: Grief