Torment - Level 7 Evocation


7th level Evocation

Cleric, Sorcerer, Wizard, Warlock

Casting Time: 1 Action (Ritual)
Range: 100 ft
Area of Effect: One bound extraplanar creature
Components: V, S, M (Special scroll that names the entity to be tormented, using its true name, and the caster's own true name. Costs 250gp x the Challenge Rating of the entity to be tormented, and takes 8d4 hours to inscribe. The scroll is destroyed by casting this spell.)
Saving Throw: See Below
Duration: 10 rounds (Concentration – cannot take any other actions or spell ends)

This spell allows you to torment and weaken a specific extra planar entity that you have successfully summoned and bound in another plane. It is often used to punish or to force obedience from such an entity, and casting it forges both a temporary psychic bond between the caster and their victim, and eternal hatred.

The specially prepared scroll is read as part of this spell. If concentration is lost before it ends, the scroll is destroyed regardless. As the caster begins this spell, they must make an opposed Charisma check against the target. Failure indicates that the link they have forged has been used by it to crush them. The caster is utterly controlled and teleported to the target's side. The target, fully aware of what was about to be done to them, will then deal with them as they see fit. The caster may attempt a Charisma saving throw at the end of each of their turns (D.C. Is 8 + the target's charisma modifier + their proficiency bonus) to stop being controlled. Until then, they do anything the target says, even suicidal or morally reprehensible actions. 


On the first round of this spell being cast, the target becomes uncomfortable and struggles to contain their dislike of what is happening. The caster makes a Charisma (Intimidate) check against them, adding twice their proficiency bonus (this does not stack with any existing proficiency bonus). The base D.C. For this is 11 + the targets Charisma modifier + their Challenge Rating. If successful, the target will agree to the terms the caster is offering, though as stated above, will seek every chance to get revenge on them.

Rounds two to four see the targets agonies increase five fold each round. Again, the caster may make an intimidate check at the end of their turn, the D.C. Dropping by a cumulative -1 per round beyond the first.

Rounds five to nine see the target writhing in agony. The penalties mentioned above continue to accumulate (for a total penalty of -8 on round 9), as the pain and turmoil become harder and harder for the entity to bear,

On the final round, the pain is such that the entity will almost certainly believe that it is about to be destroyed. The penalty remains at -8 to the D.C. But the caster has advantage on their Intimidate check.

If the spell fails to force obedience, it is up to the caster what they do. They can however be sure that the entity will be desperate to annihilate them as soon as able.