Eye Stinger - Medium Monstrosity (CR 1)

I am lucky enough to own a copy of Out of the Pit, a guide to the monsters of the amazing Fighting Fantasy world Titan. Many of the monsters in the original Fiend Folio came from the same brains as those in that tome, and so, I decided I would do a few conversions; partly because there is some seriously weird stuff in there, and partly because I think many of my older, long term players would appreciate encountering a Blood Beast or an....Eye Stinger?

The Eye Stinger then is a sort of cross between an Eye of the Deep and a Gas Spore....covered in toxic spikes. Its a nasty little fella' and I hope I am not invoking any daemons of copywrite by posting this conversion to 5e here (If I am, send me a note and I shall remove it).

Anyway, here it is! The Eye Stinger!

 Mistakes were made, and the final round of this year's Conker Knockout competition was one of the bloodiest....