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Friday, 12 February 2016

Stirge's Bane Spaulders - Very Rare Heavy Armour

Requires Attunement

Worn by the Paladin Sorcerer Enkuban "The Relucent"  these highly polished Spaulders are crafted from silvery metal, and decorated with sigils inlaid with gold and Sunstone.

Designed to replace the shoulder armour of plate armour, they can be used by anyone in any kind of heavy armour, and once attuned grant the wearer Damage Reduction Vs Piercing 10, as well as Resistance to Piercing damage. Only legendary weapons can bypass this protection.

Furthermore, 1/long rest, the bearer may gain advantage on a single Strength or Dexterity based roll made to escape being restrained.

[damage reduction is applied before resistance]

*   *   *

Hello! Sorry for the dearth of new stuff. I have been slacking quite a bit, thanks to some rather addictive games on the Xbone, and have not been writing as much. Anyway, I'll not let that continue. Here is an item I came up with whilst waiting for my lads to come out of school. A potentially potent little item that would be of great benefit to any character that often finds themselves at the pointy end of things...


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