A Feast of Fantastical Foods

Although most foods are just that, some, either through deliberate enchantment or because of their exotic and arcane ingredients, bestow boons on those that consume them. Most boons are short lived though useful, whilst others are potent and permanent. What follows are a small selection of magical foods encountered in Gatespace. Hope you enjoy!

Bloodspear Carrot (Rare Consumable): Found in mountain valleys below the snow line, these rare plants are most common in Calsor and Uppper Malgoroth's eastern reaches. Several roots must be consumed raw for them to be effective, this taking 2 minutes. Once finished, they cause the consumer to heal 5 (1d10) hit points at the start of each of their turns for 1 minute. The vegetable gets its name from the red colouration of the roots, and the slightly coppery taste of its juices.

Bulette Steak (Very Rare Consumable): This rare delicacy is served (in the Second Age's closing years) in Dulduthrak, the “Trull's Bane Arms”, famed home to the legendary hero (and later, herald of Thorduin) Brundor Trullslayer. In later ages, it is a very rare feature on more adventurous menus, or a bonus for those adventurers that fight and slay a Land Shark (A character can make 1d6 steaks from a slain Bulette with a D.C. 12 Intelligence [Cooks Utensils] check). Thick and succulent, it takes a full 20 minutes to consume on of these. However, the one doing so gains 20 temporary hit points, and for the next 24 hours gains a +2 bonus to all Strength and Constitution related skill checks, attack and damage rolls, and saving throws. If they use either of those statistics to calculate the D.C. Of an ability, that is also increased by +2. Finally, their total and current hit points are increased for the duration by their level x2.

Cave Fisher Claw Meat (Rare Consumable): This rather smelly, oily meat is pale yellow, and quickly spoils if not stored in either strong brine or oil. It takes 5 minutes to consume a piece, and grants the one doing so 10 temporary hit points and +1 AC for 12 hours, as well as advantage on any checks or saving throws to escape being restrained.

Dendwyr Cheese (Rare Consumable): This rare soft cheese is made by the Synd'Aelwyn using certain creams and pollens. Delicately flavoured, it is usually spread on sweet breads or biscuits, and once consumed (which takes 1 minute), grants the diner a sense of peace that allows them advantage on saving throws against being frightened, or in any other way affected by their emotions. The effects of the cheese last for 3 hours.

Duron Cheese (Uncommon Consumable): Non dundiir must make a D.C. 12 Constitution saving throw when trying to eat a piece of this, or be unable to do so due to the repulsive stench and foul texture. Furthermore, they are so revolted that they become Poisoned for 1 hour due to their dry heaving, involuntary twitches of disgust and general feelings of having put something utterly toxic in their mouths. Assuming they manage it, it takes 1 minute to consume a piece of this cheese, which grants the one doing so Poison Reduction 5 for 12 hours.

Earth Salt Sprinkled Baked Flour Root (Uncommon Consumable): Flour Root is a rather common plant in subtropical regions, and forms the basis of many folks' diets. However, there are some that manage to instil them with a wholesome energy as they bake, sealing it in with certain salts and spices. These roots take 10 minutes to eat, and grant the diner a +1 bonus to Constitution checks made to resist Exhaustion for 1 hour.

Giant Cockroach Eggs (Common Consumable): Many deep realm communities consume these surprisingly strong tasting, but quite disgusting things. Doing so takes only 2 rounds, but unless they are cooked properly, there is a chance that the diner may be exposed to Sewer Plague. Even well cooked eggs are not that helpful, for although they keep a medium or large character sated for 2 full days, during that time, they cause the diner to suffer a -1 penalty on saving throws against diseases.

Mud Pudding (Uncommon Consumable): This rather gritty textured but sweet pudding is considered a delicacy by the dundiir. It takes 1 minute to consume, and grants the one doing so Tremorsense 10 for 1 hour.

Rothe Blood Sausage (Common Consumable): These gamy, black sausages take 1 minute to consume, and grants the one doing so 5 temporary hit points for 1 hour.

Ssylvyir'Thyssai (Rare Consumable): This delicate, sweet pudding is prepared by the Lir'Aelwyn, and can only be properly made under the light of a full moon. If consumed (which takes 1 minute), it grants the one doing so, Darkvision 30ft (or adds 30ft to existing Darkvision) for 1 hour. If eaten under the light of the full moon, its effects last 3 months.

Stonebread (Common Consumable): This stuff seems inedible, and requires a lot of chewing and fluid to wash down. This means it takes 5 minutes to eat a slice (2 if eaten by a dundiir). However, each slice grants the one eating it 5 temporary hit points and a +1 bonus to Constitution saving throws for 1 hour.

Tarrasque Tongue (Legendary Consumable): The Tarrasque itself is an immortal beast created during the Primal Wars, and then put into an eternal slumber and sent into space. However, the Tarrasques spoken of by legend are not one beast, but instances of multiple creatures – lesser (though still utterly monstrous) entities based on the original, created by the Daemonori as siege engines, beasts of burden (seriously) and even as a food source. One of the few areas of a Tarrasque edible to most mortals is the tongue, though managing to eat some and survive is a trial. A piece of Tarrasque Tongue requires an hour to consume, and the one doing so must make 2d4 Constitution saving throws (the first is D.C. 15, and each subsequent one is +2 more difficult). If they fail at least half of the saving throws, they are unable to finish the meal and it is ruined. If they succeed, they must make a D.C. 22 Constitution saving throw, or die; torn apart by the blindly regenerating piece of Tarrasque in their body (which will reach 1 hit point – and awaken – in 1d12+12 rounds). If they make the save, they are able to digest the meal, and gain a permanent +1 bonus to both Strength and Constitution (maximum 30), a permanent sheen of hardened scales over their body which causes all non-magical damage inflicted on them to be reduced by an amount equal to half their Constitution score (rounded down and applied before any resistance). Finally, they gain Regeneration 10, a +5 bonus to their Armour Class, and increase in size by one category (if the GM is happy to allow it, such character may increase their reach by +5ft, and be able to wield larger weapons in one hand – though items do not change size to match the characters new form unless their description says they do) for 24 hours. Whilst changed, they are clearly infused with power, and appear reptilian and bestial.

Thorn Bread (Uncommon Consumable): The vyrleen of fey know how to make this lightly spiced bread, that has a layer of caramelised thorns on top of it. They also know it is particularly good at helping others overcome their worries. Eating a slice of this takes 1 action, and the diner gains a minor luck effect for the next 3 hours. During that time, they may re-roll any single failed saving throw. Multiple slices do not allow for multiple uses of this ability, and at least 3 hours must pass between uses of the boon.

Vasp (Rare Consumable): Vasp is a sharp spice, made from the ground up stings of a species of tropical ant. On its own, it is nothing but an astringent addition to a meal. However, when added to a food that grants a boon or curse of some kind, it acts to extend their effects, increasing their duration by 50%. Applying Vasp is usually a standard action.