Corruption Corpse (Medium Undead) - CR 3

4th Edition's Monster Manual contained these putrid fellows; zombies cast (reanimated) in the same mold as those dudes in Quake who lobbed bits of their own decaying flesh at you. I thought I would do a conversion, and try to stick to the design philosophy of that edition - namely that "Artillery" beasties are glass cannons; high damage, but low defences and hit points.

I think this fits the bill...

"How dare you imply I have problems with my personal hygiene! Good day to you sir! I said good day!"


  1. 5e does not have the intoxicated condition, nor does it have the debilitated status.

  2. If you check my archives you will find the rules for the Debilitated condition. 5e playtest did have an intoxicated condition and many use it still.

    1. link to the playtest rules with intoxicated condition. Link to the following conditions; Weakened, Clumsy, Debilitated, Vexed, Foolish, Withdrawn, Unhinged


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