Powerful Rewards for Epic Difficulty

So, the following is cut and pasted from my notes for tonight's game.  As you can guess from the power of these items, things in that campaign regularly get hilariously tough, and indeed, are only going to get tougher as they try to track down and lay to rest the legendary Lich Gimble Brandersnatch (I was 15 when I named him - he's been a pain in the universes side for 27 Earth years). 

Long time readers might wonder what these guys are up to, and the answer is, moving towards the ultimate conclusion of their story's. Once the Lich is (hopefully) defeated, and the four major rogues guilds of the Northern Republic united under Llewellyn's rule, the party are going to be facing their final, and most epic, deadly and nigh impossible task yet - a task that will be taking them beyond 20th level in 5th Edition, and will let us test the DMG's suggestions, as well as some popular rules off the GM's Guild site. 

Anyway, here is the first ten minutes of tonight's game...

*    *    *

In recognition of their role in saving the people of Lorehaven, all those involved in destroying the necrotic anchors are publicly rewarded. All receive a platinum and electrum medal, forged by the artisans of the Bardic College, as well as the title of “Guardian of Lore”. The group however, not only neutralised two of the anchors, but slew the Thorynrr Death Knight, Ulshebb “The Spite”, as well as his retinue of Bloodletters.

In recognition of this, and the fact that the group are seeking the ones behind the attack, the city has agreed to give them three of its sacred treasures. These are;

Thundersinger's Gorget (Legendary Wondrous Item; Requires Attunement by an individual that can use Warforged Components) Long believed to be an uncomfortable, heavy gorget, recent research in light of Veteran's reactivation has shown it to be an item forged by ancient Guild Artificers, intended as a weapon. Attaching to the throat of the user, it allows them, as an action, to emit a silent scream of devastating sonic energy, forcing all creatures in a 60ft cone to suffer 105 (30d6) thunder damage, half if they make a Constitution saving throw (D.C. = 8 + the user's Constitution modifier + the user's Proficiency modifier). Creatures that fail their save by 5+ are also deafened until cured. Once this power has been used, it cannot be used until 24 hours have passed.

Naturally this deadly item is given to the Veteran.

Holo-Stract (Legendary Wondrous Item; Requires Attunement) Another ancient Guild item, this thing resembles a large cabochon onyx, with a number of crystalline lenses set around its curve. As an action, it can be activated, and thrown up to 30ft away. Once it hits the ground, it creates a perfect illusion of the one that is attuned to it. This illusion has all sensory components, and lasts either until 1 hour has passed, it is dismissed by the Holo-Stract's user (a bonus action), until it takes 100 hit points worth or damage, or until it is disbelieved (D.C 18 Intelligence saving throw). The illusion can be made to perform specific tasks by the owner (changing these is a bonus action), as long as they are within 100ft of it, and the illusion can wander up to 30ft from the Holo-Stract itself. The main use of this item seems to be as a lure or distraction tool.Once activated, the Holo-Stract cannot be used for 24 hours.

This item is given to Llewellyn.

Lifelight Torch (Legendary Wondrous Item; Requires Attunement) The origins of this item are unclear, as it has been in Lorehaven's vaults for long and long. The artful craftmanship and beautiful design however, would suggest it is another guild item that escaped confinement in the legendary void vaults. Resembling a sconce of tempered electrum and silver, studded with fire agates, diamonds, sunstones and rubies, it is crowned by a cluster of what seems to be ever smouldering embers. These embers shine with an argent fire, and cast bright light in a 60ft radius (dim light for another 30ft beyond that). The torch has a number of uses;

  • It can be used as a melee weapon (attuned user is automatically proficient) that grants a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls and inflicts 2d6 bludgeoning and 2d6 radiant damage per hit. As a weapon, it is considered to be made from both silver and cold iron.
  • The torch has 5 charges. At noon each day it regains 2 (1d4) charges. These can be used to manifest a number of abilities (activating each is an action unless otherwise noted).

1 charge: Silver flames surround the torch and for the next 10 rounds it inflicts an additional +10 (3d6) fire and +3 (1d6) radiant damage per hit. Furthermore, it scores a critical hit against undead, creatures from the plane of shadows and daemons of all kinds, on a natural roll of 19 or 20. Activating this ability is a bonus action.

1 charge: The wielder may hurl a blast of radiant flame up to 200 ft away. It explodes in a 20ft radius blast, inflicting 21 (6d6) fire and 21 (6d6) radiant damage to all creatures within. A D.C. 17 Dexterity saving throw is allowed to halve this damage, though undead, daemons of all kinds and creatures from the shadow planes suffer disadvantage on this.

2 charges: The wielder may cast a Greater Restoration spell

2 charge: The wielder may cast a Heal spell (70 hit points)

5 charges: The wielder may cast a True Resurrection spell.

If all the torches charges are used, it becomes inert and loses all magical abilities and properties until it regains at least 1 charge. Furthermore, at noon each day, when it would regain a charge, if it is not exposed to direct sunlight, it must roll a d20. On a 9 or less, it does not gain any charges that day, and must wait until the following noon.

This item is given to Ormid.