The Sons of the Accursed

Pre-Sundering 3rd Age:  (Standard; golden sunburst, surrounded by ten smaller versions. The main device has an inverted pentacle of red in its middle. Angelic scripts declares “Punishment, Judgement, Obedience”; Other symbols include broken swords, and a sigil very similar to the Helldazzlers “Final Sun”, only rendered in black and gold/copper).

Order of tainted Solumite Paladins who embraced one of the shattered God’s more brutal aspects. They are utterly remorseless  in their pursuit of “evil” entertaining a view that any kind of love for something other than their God is heresy, and proof that the individual must be cleansed by the “Sun’s Kiss” (fire or radiant energy). All have been blessed with unnatural strength and resilience. They ride huge mounts of silver, and both paladin and mount wear thick, heavy plate, inscribed with solumite script. All bear Vothniir swords, often blessed to deal additional fire and / or radiant damage, and all speak the primal language of Law.

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Pictured: "Lawful Good"

The order’s leader is High Lord Azlan, a being of cold, angelic beauty that rules from the white stone keep of Alar’Eatheria – built in what was once the Cyranoch Valley in Mid Fey.

The Order has a chapter of Witch Hunters, who routinely help "purify" towns and hunt "witches". In truth, for every genuine nest of evil they destroy, they eradicate tens of innocent settlements and hundreds of innocent souls.

Post Sundering:
The evil nature of the surviving Son's manifested, and they became daemonic reflections of what they supposedly were. The Order was officially dead, but bands of "brothers" still stalk the land, seeking to wipe away the taint of the invading dimensions and to establish their Brutal God's doctrine.

Taking of Lumor
: The Sons were one of the most active groups seeking to take back the Holy city, and held it a number of times. Each victory would be celebrated with the ritual purification by fire of the "heretic" Each occupation was short lived however, as normally unassociated orders would join together to drive them from the site - often then turning quickly on each other.

Sword of the Son (Very Rare Weapon; Requires Attunement)
Forged from Gothniir, and inlaid with runes of solar power, these blades can only be wielded normally by those with at least Strength 18, and Dexterity 13 (others suffer disadvantage on their attack rolls and damage rolls). Their base damage is 2d12 slashing, They have the Heavy property, and are Large weapons. In addition, they have the following properties when wielded by one to whom they are attuned.

* +2 to attack and damage rolls
* On any damage roll of 12 on the weapon dice, it is rolled again. This continues until an 11 or less is rolled
* Brutal 2 (re-roll damage results of 2 or 1).
* The weapon strikes as if it were alchemical silver and radiant damage (though its actual damage type remains unchanged)