The Tome of Cursed Utterances - Legendary Wondrous Item

Ormid, The Veteran and Llewellyn sought this vile tome, and failed to recover it, for the vyrleen was slain and Ormid lost his mind. It is a work of blackest sorcery, that serves only to corrupt and destroy. As it likely won't be seen in my games, I thought I would share it here for you now.

*    *    *

This nightmarish work of blackest sorcery was penned in the early second age by the Grand Pope of Tyrants, Vyroth Keth'Darkold. It details many foul spells, the way to create certain malevolent items, the true names of a number of dark and ancient entities and details of several cursed locales.

The first draft of "Twilight" was inked in human blood and written on vellum flensed from angels

The Tome contains the following spells;

Animate Dead, Call the Heart*, Chain Enervation*, Conjure Barlgura**, Conjure Hezrou**, Conjure Lesser Daemon**, Conjure Shadow Daemon**, Conjure Vrock**, Create Undead, Dark Empowerment*, Gate, Imprisonment, Spiritwrack, Torment, Vampiric Touch, Wither Limb

* Book of Lost Spells
** Unearthed Arcana - That Old Black Magic

The book also details six powerful daemons, the rituals needed to summon them, which all include blood sacrifices, the sacrifice of magic and often the formation of foul pacts.

The locations of ten cursed sites on Arbel are detailed, along with the rituals needed to draw on their power and warnings of the effects of doing so.

The book contains information on how to create the following vile items;

Devil's Blood (Very Rare consumable) Coated on a weapon, this loathsome oil causes it to inflict +7 (2d6) bane poison damage to targets with the next thirteen strikes. In addition, the target must make a D.C. 15 Constitution saving throw, or be Weakened for 1 minute (Disadvantage on all strength based ability and skill checks and attack rolls. Half damage with all Strength based attacks)*

Heaven's Thorn (Rare Consumable) As a standard action the bearer can use the Thorn to make a Strength or Dexterity based attack roll against a single angel. If the Thorn hits, it shatters and the target must make a D.C. 18 Intelligence check, failure indicating that it is stunned for 1d4 rounds (it may save at the end of each of its turns to end the effect early, though does so with Disadvantage)*.

Harrowheart Rapier (Uncommon Weapon, Requires Attunement by an evil individual): This barbed rapier grants the wielder a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls, and when scoring a critical hit against a good hearted individual or heavenly being, rolls triple the normal dice instead of double*.

Cadaveric Sweet Meats (Uncommon Consumable): Made from the flesh of sentient beings, it takes an action to consume a portion. None evil individuals must make a D.C. 20 Sanity saving throw or become Poisoned, Unhinged and Debilitated for 1 hour. They gain no benefits from this food in any case. Evil Characters gain 10 temporary hit points for 1 hour, and have advantage on all Constitution saving throws for the duration. If they are slain whilst under the effects of this meal, they have a 2% chance per level (or 2%x their CR) chance of rising as a ghoul at dusk that day.

* These are items from the 3.0 Book of Vile Darkness, converted to 5e.

The book also talks about a vile Great Scimitar called "Abiding Hatred" that can devour souls and conjure them as spectres under the wielder's command, though it has no mention of where it may be.

USING THE BOOK: Obtaining a single piece of information from the book requires 3d10 hours study. At the end of this time, the reader must make a D.C. 20 Sanity saving throw, failure indicating that they suffer a temporary madness. If they have failed a save before from the Tome, their Sanity score is permanently lowered by 1 and they suffer an Intermediate madness. A third failed save lowers the readers Sanity permanently by another 3 points, and inflicts them with a permanent madness from the DMG, as well as the following madness...

Tyrannic: You seek to bend all others to your will by subtlety or force, and care only for yourself. All others are nought but tools or obstacles, to be used or removed as needed. You have no empathy, no love and are never content with what you have. Only the strong survive, and in this universe, there is only one strong individual - you.

This madness cannot be cured without the direct intervention of a holy deity or their direct agents.

Finally, the one carrying this book has a +1 bonus to their AC and saving throws against the attacks of angels and other holy spirits, and is under the effects of a permanent Protection from Good.