70C-70c - Duodrone Fixer (Medium Construct - CR 4)

Ormid and the gang came very, very close to a TPK last night, whilst tangling with the minions guarding the entrance to a legendary Lich's lair. I knew things were due to get tough, but man, they went horribly wrong. Fortunately, my NPC (Mother Yvara, chosen of Namaea'Isaala) had a single 7th level spell slot, and the Plane Shift spell prepared, and was able to get the them out of there before Azrael found them all.

And so, the group have been forced to rethink their approach to tackling the Lich, realising that such an ancient being is not going to simply let them walk in and destroy it.

To this end, they are looking at somehow forming an arcane trap, and using the Lich's true name to draw him in and capture him. To do this, they need to seek out an Aeon Stone - a fragment of the Crystal Barrier that separated the settled lands from the primal, wild magics of the Luminous Wastes in the 1st Age; shards imbued with unearthly power far beyond that wielded by even the most potent mages (actually a "corrupted" Aeon Stone).

More than aware of the power and value of such stones, the group have decided to visit the Crystal Villa again to see if 70C-70c (previously Toc-Toc) knows where one can be found....which brings us to....

Cute or horrifying? You decide.