Harsh Weapon - Uncommon Weapon (Requires Attunement)

Harsh Weapon (Uncommon Weapon; Requires Attunement): It is unclear who made these items or when. They are occasionally seen in the hands of adventurer's who like to live dangerously, or being used by unfortunates in pit fights they are not intended to win. They are fairly common in the markets of the Crystal Villa, and it is rumoured a large number began to appear in the hands of some Alliance soldiers during the Aelwyn wars.

Any kind of weapon can be a Harsh Weapon. All appear largely unremarkable, apart from having an objectively significant crack or split in them. However, when attuned to their wielder they bestow the following benefit and curse;

  • When the wielder hits a target with the weapon, it rolls twice its base damage dice, the additional damage being bane damage.

  • When the wielder misses a target with the weapon, they suffer 5 (1d10) bane damage.

Whenever the weapon hits a target, strange light flares from the crack or split and jags out towards them. When it misses a target, the light flashes back at the wielder with a snarling crackle of power.

Sometimes broken is...good? bad? errr....