New Elf (Aelwyn) Sub-Race - Glwyrr'Syth Aelwyn (Shadow Elf)

Actually, they are not "new" at all. The Shadow Elves were the stars of a Basic D&D module waaaay back when race was the same as character class, and all maps used wiggly lines to represent curtains. My lads have recently been playing Shadows over Mystara and have been suffering the predations of the Shadow Elves, and I remember writing a bit many years ago about how they existed in some super deep realms of my world.

Clothing optional apparently....
So, what follows is the sub-race description for turning your elf PC into a Shadow Elf (or Glwyrr'Syth in my world)

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Ability Score Increase: +1 Intelligence

Superior Darkvision: You can see perfectly in total darkness and shadowy conditions, up to 120'.

Born of the Deep Fires: The Glwyrr'Syth tend to live near areas of volcanic activity, and have an innate Resistance to Fire

Born to the Shadows: Glwyrr'Syth are naturally stealthy. They are automatically proficient with the Stealth skill, and may add twice their proficiency bonus to Stealth checks.

Cavern Born: Glwyrr'Syth cannot become lost in natural cavern complexes or similar areas, and always know which way is North.


  1. This is OP as all hell just so you know, it comes out to 38 on the Detect Balance scale after adding elf stats to this. To put that in perspective, high elves are 27, wood elves are 28, the recommended/average score is 25, and the highest score from official sources is 33(Variant Humans). I suggest that you balance this more.

  2. Thanks for your reply and sorry for the extremely late reply. As with all stuff on here, its just my homebrew, and is balanced...for my homebrew. In play (key point opposed to "in theory"), this race is no more potent than any others (taking the Volo's races into account), especially as we have "bane" style damage in my campaigns which ignores resistance / immunity. The "Detect Balance" scale is pretty cool...and home brewed too, and is a useful indicator for folks that crave absolute balance. I don't. As long as folks are having fun and are not dominating the others plays, all is good. I'm definitely not claiming to be producing elegantly balanced play tested, expertly crafted and tested against standards stuff here - I'm sharing some of the stuff (made using the official guidelines) that plays - well - in my home games. I've been running and homebrewing d&d 28 years now, and (pride alert) have a pretty good feel for stuff (though I do mess up now and then - part of the course), so am happy to let some stuff creep in that might, later, need a fix if too OP or weak. My players are experienced or cool enough to understand this too.

    I think the final point is - if you don't like it, ignore it or change it.

    Anyway, thanks for the comment. Sorry it took me a while to reply.

  3. That is a very well constructed reply, thanks for the explanation.


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