Brain Mole - Tiny Monstrosity (CR 1/2)

"Awwwww, iz soo cyooot. Iz like a liddle widdle pokemonOHGODIT'SEATINGMYTHOUGHTS ...SWEETMERCILESSDEATH.....AAAAAAARGH......NAAAAAARGH......"

- Why Brain Moles are not in zoos. 

Brain Moles have been in D&D for a long, long time, and like most pure psionic monsters, the main question players ask when first coming across them is "What the actual f*ck?". Tiny, velvety things, these pests are vicious cogitovores (I made that up), and will seriously ruin your day if they are allowed to get a "grip" (either psychically or physically). 

So, here you. Hide your brain!


  1. I just love your critters updates, those "old" creatures are the best, you should do an update of the infamous Gasbat from the module "Expedition to the Barrier Peaks", almost TPKed my group with them.

  2. Will find it and do just that. Thanks for reading :D


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