Primal Air Elemental - CR 35 (Gargantuan Elemental)

Right, before you start vomiting, let me state clearly and in capital letters THIS THING IS HIGHLY SPECULATIVE / EXPERIMENTAL. I made my calculations using my own extension of the DMG monster CR table, which is ENTIRELY UN-PLAYTESTED at this time (though Ormid and the gang will soon be wandering into the realms of super epic play).

Having said that...

There are elemental beings that are truly ancient in a sense that no mortal can truly comprehend. They were among the first things to be summoned from the nothingess of pre-creation, and have existed ever since.

This being is just one such thing; an air elemental that was ancient beyond sanity when the first races began to first emerge from the holocaust of the Primal Wars, and to build their first huts on the strange shores of untold, lost coastlines. Residing only in eldritch prisons or remote reaches of elemental planes, most have either faded, become archomentals, or been destroyed. However, now and then, something happens, and their untold might is once more unleashed upon the world.

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The weather today will mostly be apocalyptic with short sharp bursts of praying, gnashing of teeth and incontinence.

It is said that during the Guild Wars, Primal Elementals were not only summoned, using terrible, deadly rituals that fed upon the life force of those casting them, but were bound into weapons and items, granting them deific power. Naturally, these were among the many guild creations locked away in the void vaults at the end of the conflict, "never again" to be used by anyone, mortal or otherwise...