Ash Wraith - CR 4 (Medium Undead)

"We began burning the bodies at first, so they couldn't be raised into the West's service again. We thought we had solved one problem, but, of course, we were wrong. The bastards found a way to stoke the souls from their ashes, and to imbue their mortal remnants into service. This is how we first came to battle the ash wraiths"

- From the personal journal of Ajott Drespal, mage of the Southern Guild.

Ash Wraiths are undead that animate the ashes that remain after their corpses have been destroyed by fire. They are whirling, gusting things of stinging dust and hate, that take on transient, shrouded forms. When they manifest, all flames within twenty paces go out instantly, and a deathly cold charges the air. Sounds seem suddenly muffled, and a sense of dread and hatred radiates from the horror as it rises.

These are something I made up. I am not sorry.

Bonfire night was significantly less fun when the left over energies from Halloween got involved