Aspirthane (Mage Throttler, Aether Scorch) - Rare Poison

Aspirthane (Mage Throttler, Aether Scorch) : This rare poison is illegal in many parts of the world - especially those ruled by mages. Indeed, the Unified Order consider it a capital offense to be found in possession of this substance, so baleful is it to those that weave magic.

The origins of Aspirthane are unclear. It is likely it was first formulated by the servants of Convulos'Soth'Khulzad, as so many potent, specialised poisons are. However, there are some that believe it may have been created in another plane, and the secrets of its creation brought back to Arbel'Verdaniss by some foolish soul.

In its purest form, Aspirthane is a thin, slightly silvery fluid that has no smell or taste. In liquid form it is quite volatile, and will readily burn if exposed to heat, rapidly blazing away with a vivid, pure green flame. However, when exposed to open air, it quickly evaporates, forming an invisible, odorless cloud of poison. A standard vial of this substance forms a cloud 60ft in diameter around it over the course of ten minutes, and it remains in place for 1 hour unless there are strong winds or currents present which can scatter it.

Aspirthane is only poisonous to creatures and individuals that channel unnatural energy; namely spell caster's and those individuals or creatures that have any kind of innate supernatural ability or power. Those without any magical ability are entirely immune to its effects.

Those affected by this poison begin to feel its effects 1d10 rounds after first being exposed to it. They become somewhat drowsy and thick headed, and must make a D. C. 17 Constitution saving throw or fall unconscious. Such individuals remain unconscious until they are taken out of the area of the poison (they awaken 1d6 rounds later) . Each round that they begin unconscious due to the effects of this poison, and are still within its area, they must repeat the saving throw or die.
Those that make the initial save will know they are being poisoned, and may act normally. However, each round they begin within the cloud, they must repeat the saving throw or fall victim to the poison's effects.

The most infamous use of this poison was when it was used to murder thirty six high ranking mage's of the Unified Order in the year 1212. A renegade mage named Zerket had been arrested and was facing a show trial before being exposed to the Divorcement ritual, and then executed by burning. However, unbeknownst to his abusers, he had paid a member of staff to open a bottle of Aspirthane in the chamber before the trial - knowing full well that he, as a dangerous mage, would be shrouded in anti-magic (anti-magic deactivates this poison). His plan worked too, and he was able, with the help of a No Breath spell and allies in the city, to make good his escape.