Astral Dreadnought - CR 34 (Gargantuan Aberration)

I did not intend this beast to be this tough, I really didn't. I knew I wanted to convert it as a massive beast, large enough to serve as the foundation for a Githyanki stronghold or similar, or to be able to smash astral ships like an enraged whale, and so, made it physically formidable. I also wanted to keep the essence of its 2nd and 3.5 edition versions, so ensured it still has antimagic and the ability to shred those it grabs with both pincers. Oh, and it still cuts your Astral Cord, dooming you to dissolve into the essence of the plane...

The result of a tryst between a Cocadaemon from the original Doom and Lobster Boy is free in the Astral Plane and looking for fun!

Anyway, as always with monsters over CR 30, I have used my own table of expanded stats to calculate its final stats.