Astral Searcher - CR 2 (Medium Undead)

"She insists it's not him." whispered the priest, casting a worried glance towards the mage, a well respected woman who, until recently, seemed perfectly sane. "She says he's 'wrong' somehow, that he didn't come back from his last metaphysical exercise".

Mother Yvara, Blessed of Namaea'Isaala listened gravely, her ancient features crinkled as she glared at the fourth occupant of the room - the mage's supposed husband - once the wizard Khodesh, now...not. She turned her rheumy eyes towards Jessia, Khodesh' wife, and sadly asked her to come to her side, leaving the grinning not-husband stood alone. 

Then she slowly approached the bearded shell that was once Khodesh, noting the slight look of panic that flashed across his face, and the sudden sweat that beaded his brow. 

"Khodesh? Would you be so good as to let me give you a blessing?"

"Um," he began, " Err...yes?"

Yvara smiled, before ,with a move so swift none - especially the thing in Khodesh' body - could have imagined her capable of it, bringing forth her holy symbol, forcefully pressing it to the wizard's brow, silvery words of divine power spilling from her, the air around them both suddenly gonging with argent, potent power. 

"In the name of the mother of mercy, unborn thing, I address thee, and command thee to depart this form! Begone nameless traveler! Return unto the void from which you were formed! Depart! I abjure three! Ithyrani Debesheckelah Shabbaethonai Namaea!"

Colourless fire seemed to suddenly envelop Khodesh' form, and from his mouth issued a thin, terrible wailing - a sound nothing of the physical plane could make. The air throbbed, seeming to thicken with unnatural power, and somewhere beyond the alien noises rising from the mage, the chapel's wards began to add their own strident song to the cacophony, warning of the presence of an extra dimensional being. 

"Away!" Screamed Yvara, her voice booming and potent, "Into the void I cast thee! Begone foul thing! BEGONE!"

A thunderclap. A blast of silver light and, with a scream so terrible Yvara's assistant fainted dead away, the thing within Khodesh fled, leaving his corpse just that - a lifeless mass of flesh, organs and bone. In an instant, Khodesh' corpse flopped heavily to the ground, the ancient priestess rushing to cradle his head before it was split on the stone pews of the chapel. Jessia also rushed to help, tears streaming down her cheeks, for now, with the entity gone, she could look at somehow returning her beloved husband's soul to his body; could somehow, bring him back.

Days later, and Yvara would summon her acolytes, to teach them of the foul Astral Searchers, how to recognise their presence, and how to remove them, though Brother Altor, the priest who had seen the ritual, was nowhere to be seen, having left the city the day before, in search of a life less fraught with terror...

*    *    *

The Astral Searcher is another 1st Edition horror that appeared in 2nd Edition, and in unofficial 3.5 stuff too (the excellent Denizens of the Transitive Planes by Although I have gone with the idea of these entities, I confess, for my conversion, I basically came up with my own interpretation. 

As for how to get rid of a possessing entity, A Protection from Good and Evil spell can stop the initial possession if cast on the physical form of the projecting individual, and GM's may allow spells such as Dispel Good and Evilto work to cast out such entities. There is always the Exorcism spell from the Book of Lost Spells of course, which is a conversion of the earlier edition spell of the same name. 

Anyway, here are the stats. Enjoy!

"Astrally project" they said, "It's a lot safer than going physically" they said. Yeah, thanks a bunch.