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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Gorgoth Handgonne (Grunta) - Martial Weapon (Firearm)

"At first we were somewhat complacent, having battled the greenskins across the world a number of times. We scoffed when our terrified guides told us of their alleged 'Grunta' weapons, and laughed harder when they suggested the dense beasts had learned to make their own crude version of blackpowder. 

"Our  laughter died, along with half our company a few days later, when we were cut down by an explosive rain of rock, bone, metal and tooth fragments, fired from the crude firearms they had made. 

"Our guides were right, and we had been too arrogant to listen. It was a lesson hard learned, and to this day, I will never take any contact with the Gorgoth or their kin lightly."

- From Cold and Frightened - A Questor's Tale by Jelten Vaarde. 

Like this, but more crudely forged, heavier and with more rust / blood / poop

Cost: 300 gp
Range: 50ft cone (shrapnel) or 100/400 (stone shot)
Damage: 3d10 piercing* / 1d8 Bludgeoning (see below)
Weight: 60lbs
Properties: Ammunition, Heavy, Two-Handed, Reload, Special
Special: Reloading the Handgonne requires an action.

There are two types of shot usually fired from these weapons;

*Shrapnel: This ammunition consists of splinters of metal, flint and other sharp debris. When fired, it explodes in a 50ft cone, and automatically hits all within. Creatures in the cone may halve the damage inflicted by making a successful Dexterity saving throw (D.C. = 8 + The shooters Dexterity Bonus. If they are proficient, their proficiency bonus is also added to the D.C.). Creatures between 31ft-50ft only take half damage, and have advantage on their Dexterity saving throws to halve this.

Stone Shot: A handful of stone spheres, which fly up to range, and target 1 creature. This requires an attack roll as normal.

The Handgonne can also be used as a melee weapon, in which case it inflicts 1d8 bludgeoning as base damage.

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