A Bit More Lore

The following are from my notes for the current adventure that Ormid and the gang are about to head off on. 70C-70c has already given this information, so there are no spoilers. However, I wanted to share, as it casts a wee bit of light on a part of my world that rarely gets seen. I also really enjoyed writing it.

"Almost a thousand years before, during the Age of Loss, the Vaesuurian's made a concerted effort to invade Talakasia and to wipe out the Talakasian Taurgaryn. They started their efforts by whipping the savage Taurag tribes into a religious fervour, and – through trickery and illusion – persuading them to attack their civilised cousins. The ancient “Kin Wars” (or “kine wars” as the Vaesuurians mockingly refer to them) were a terrible time for the Talakasian's and they nearly fell when a large force of Vaesuurian troops landed on the North-eastern coast and moved inland, using the cover of the major battles to hide their movements (it was this action that lead to the foundation of the fortress city of Tarr'Ghora, the Citadel of Machines, and the construction of the many hundreds of miles of fortifications along that coast).

During these wars, many great heroes arose. Amongst them was Krull Throgan; a mighty warrior who worshipped both Shorrog'Karr (Talakasian deity of battle) and Baphomet (deity of bloodlust and hatred). He rose to fame for his terrible prowess, and became a national hero when he slew the Vaesuurian Arch-Mage Khalstandar Veggott at the Battle of the God Horns in -994 N.C.

To reward him for his bravery and protection, a beautiful, terrible greatsword was forged for Krull, wrought from Grey Steel, and empowered with an aeon shard that had always been a national treasure and which was known as the Eye of Kaesh'Talak. Awarded to him in a great victory celebration after the Vaesuurian plan was defeated, the hero bore it for many decades.

Alas, in -953 N.C., an ageing Krull was killed by his own Son (also named Krull). Krull took the blade and offered it as sacrifice to the daemon Baphomet. Pleased, the deity corrupted the aeon stone, infusing it with the sentience of a potent daemon under his control, warping the once heroic blade, before gifting it to the treacherous taurgaryn. For six years, Krull, Second of his name, bore the blade (now fearfully named “Azduth” - “Betrayal”) and sowed death and mayhem wherever he and his group of berserks went. He eventually fell in a battle against the Talak'Gheshir, who were lead by his own younger sister, Bardrada – a warrior of Kaesh'Talak.

Sorrowfully, Bardrada returned the cursed blade to Talakar, where it has been kept hidden ever since – locked in a spell warded vault only accessible by the highest ranking Consuls of the Theocratic Assembly. Getting the blade and accessing the stone will not be easy, for there are non in that place that would see its evil unleashed again."