Dusk Widow - CR 1/2 (Small Beast)

"The Dismal was an eerily beautiful realm, where nature had taken quite a different path. Many of the lifeforms there were nightmarishly elegant things, who's forms were a strange poetry, described by the dim light and shifting shadows of that place. Others, like the Dusk Widows, were nightmare reflections of all that I hated in our world"

- From Journeys Through the Fey by Guido Jedezzo, Bard of the Vaedeci.

Dusk Widows are darkly shimmering arachnids native to fey dimensions such as the Feywild. They have a bulbous body and relatively small heads studded with eight shimmering eyes. Their slender fangs however are rather oversized and sickle shaped - all the better for slipping through the flesh of their victims.

These are something I created for the PUG, though whether they are friend or foe is yet to be revealed.

Everyone loves spiders!!!