Tsoreva Quori - Medium Fiend (CR 5)

It's not a secret that the official D&D worlds that comes closest to my homebrew world is a combination of Eberron, Spelljammer and Planescape (with a lot of Warhammer and Call of Cthulhu style hijinks rolled in). When Eberron hit the shelves I was amazed at how good it was, and also, overjoyed at how much of the crunch would be useful for my games.

As always thought, it was the monsters that I was most interested in, and the Quori were a group of nasties that I particularly liked. I loved the fact that they were something other than typical daemons and devils, but were still potent, terrifying and satisfyingly weird. I also loved the the fact that they had some genuinely cool attacks and were largely psionic enemies.

Anyway, the PUG have just completed a mission to take out a warlock who draws his power from Eshebra;

"Eshebra (All Ages) [Eh – SHEB – ruh]: The Mother of Nightmares, Night Shadow, Unseen Dread, Mistress of Crawling Fear. Eshebra is an Arch-Fey that rules her own warped demi-plane. She is served by all kinds of dark fey, as well as by her mortal servants. Her colours are dark purple, indigo, silver and black. She has a fey sigil, and identifies with the bat, spider and all kinds of black serpents. Her commonly used symbol amongst mortals is a stylised eye dripping three tears, held within a circle of thorny vines from which protrude sixteen black thorns".

They had battled their way through chambers once held by The Unseen, a Juiblex cult, but now warped into the warlock's own demesne by his and his patron's power, and eventually came to a chamber studded with eyes and gibbering mouths, where reality was buckling and dissolving like a bad acid trip around them. There, they faced off against these beauties, as well as Tsucora Quori, and a monster from the excellent Tome of Beasts, called  a Fear Monger. 

It was awesome! 

It was also bloody close!

Anyway, I thought I would share the stats of the main force that Sami de Vert kept by his side - the blade-armed, ass kicking Tsoreva Quori. 

Something you do not want to see under a stone, scuttling towards your trouser leg..if....you're....a giant?