Carnivorous Web (Duleep) - Medium Monstrosity (CR 2)

"I said 'I want to surf the web', not thiiiiiiiis aaaaaaaaargh!"

It's a long running joke that you should trust nothing in D&D, and let's be honest, with Mimics, House Hunters, Xavers, Trappers, Lurkers, Piercers, Cloakers, Aballin, Lock Lurkers, and so many other beasts that appear to be harmless things just waiting to strike by surprise, its no wonder. The Carnivorous Web is another beastie that belongs to that club; a strange, fibrous thing that lurks in abandoned buildings and caverns, feeding on the local wildlife and / or passing adventurers.

Haunted houses of course always feature plenty of webs, often without spiders being present, and these monsters seem to fit in just right at this spooky time of year.