Desiccator - Small Undead (CR 1)

Time for another horror from Libris Mortis; the Desiccator - the sorrowful soul of a water elemental that has been slain through dehydration.

About the size of a toddler, these things score multiple points on the "Disturb-O-Meter" having no facial features other than their gaping, sucking mouth, being mottled and cracked like a bloating cadaver, and for being rather alien in their focus. 

Personally I like 'em. 

Where could such things be used? A few ideas that pop immediately into my mind include;

* They are servants of an evil Sha'ir who hates all things water and enjoys their pain and torment
* Lost souls wandering the halls of a once mighty Marid stronghold, drawn into a doldrum or other necrotic realm
* An unexpected bonus battle after a golem, supposedly animated by a living elemental is slain
* The familiar for a lich with a penchant for elemental servants

Stat time!