Kastighur - Huge Fiend (CR 15)

The 3.5 Monster Manual IV held a couple of new daemons that kinda' flew under the radar really. One of these was the brutish Kastighur; a towering horror of heavy muscle, bearing a flat skulled head clad in thick, daemonic plate. Able to swat foes with its iron clad fists, or gut them with its long, straight horns, it's the perfect brute for a daemonic siege - or, as you will see in the next item - as an instrument of terror for a diabolic cult or similar.

"Ugh man! I trod in one. Sick dude. You can never get the stench off your hooves. Gross!"

These daemons can inflict Vile Damage by the way, though are in no way diminished if you change this to another damage type (maybe more bludgeoning, bane bludgeoning or necrotic?)