Unburied - Large Undead (CR 8)

Diablo III, is an awesome game, that features so many fantastic monsters that I could spend a solid week converting them all for D&D. However, the Unburied are one of my favourites, both because they kick serious ass, and because they remind me a little of the infamous Nightmare Amalgams conjured by my own game world's arch-necromancer, Jantherak "The Shade Binder" - albeit, a much smaller, much, much weaker version.

"Oh, oh, it's 'Gangam Style'. I love this one. Come on, dance with me..."
Click on the link above for the official lore on these things. In my games, they are either the deliberate creations of necromancers (I can see the Order of Ravens, as well as their splinter faction, the Ravensoul Cabal, making great use of these as guardians and tanks), or the produce of accumulating necrotic energy and mass graves. Indeed, I could see these things wandering in small packs in the infamous "Northern Devastation" of Second Age Upper Malgoroth, crushing anyone unlucky or foolish enough to encounter them. 

So, as they appear in the game, they are straight up melee opponents, which is fine, but for me, a bit boring. Hence, I have added the (slightly complex but worth it) Necrotic  Overflow ability, and a few other appropriate bits and pieces. I hope this is all good. 

Right, let's get SSSSSPOOOOOOKKKKKKYYYYYYY.....*ahem*