Vile Ritual - Summon Kastighur

"Magic can be manipulated, bound, shaped and unleashed in an almost infinite number of ways, and one of the most common is through the use of ritual. By their nature, rituals are slow, complex affairs, designed to call and shape potent energies far too wild or overwhelming for simple, rapid casting. Although many rituals are beneficial in nature, for many, they are synonymous with that most dangerous and wretched of arcane castings - the summoning of daemons."

- From Practical Arcane Theory for Students (Fifth Edition); UO Printing

Ok, so, if you click on the link below you will access a description of a vile ritual that allows characters (or enemies) to summon a single Kastighur daemon. It's not a nice ritual, and although on the grand scale of things, it's far from the nastiest thing I have put in my games, it does contain some ideas and imagery that some might find upsetting or triggering. 

D&D is meant to be fun, and it's important that everyone agrees to the tone of the game and its contents. If you think you might find reference to human sacrifice, daemonic summonings or the materials needed for such upsetting or offensive, don't click on the link below...

...However, If Not....

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