Abishai - Medium Fiend (CR 4-17)

Okay, so this is a big one, but I think, one a lot of you will enjoy. Abishai, in the core game, are devils from the first level of Hell, the domain of Tiamat. They are gargoylish things that come in five varieties - each corresponding to one type of chromatic dragon. And, like their reptilian counterparts, Abishai are of different strengths and have attacks that inflict elemental damage.

"Yeaaaaah! Second Edition Roooolz! I am Baatezu now!"

 I first saw these things in the 1st Edition AD&D Monster Manual II, when they were one of many new devils and demons brought into the game. I used them a lot, enjoying their ability to summon more of their kind, and to turn a seemingly easy battle into something more horrific.

"He said I should 'get ahead'....geddit? A. Head? Yeah? No? Screw you guys"

Anyway, I was surprised when Volo's Guide to Monsters didn't contain these monsters, and decided to go and stat all five up. They are quite tough - and yes, the Blue and Red Abishai in particular are potent enemies for higher level groups to face. I hope you like!