Umpleby - CR 4 (Large Monstrosity)

The 1st Edition Fiend Folio was infamous for the number of truly bizarre monsters it contained; products of British minds set free (we are not right). Amongst the curious menagerie was a strange, simple minded monster that simply followed adventurer's unlucky enough to encounter them; making a noise, accidentally blundering into ambushes, and generally causing chaos.

It was a weird "Bigfoot and the Hendersons" type thing; all hair and static, that charged up in its sleep.

That monster was the Umpleby.

"I just want a hug...but they all keep dying :("

So, here it is for 5e. I've done away with the sleep charging thing, to keep it simple, but have otherwise done my best to keep to the original version and its 2nd Edition incarnation.

Hope you like it!!