Remmanon - Large Fiend (CR 12)

Not gonna' lie, 3.5's Monster Manual V was not the best I've ever seen, with more than a few "filler" monsters (Frostwind Virago, Garngrath and all the variants on well detailed humanoid races, I am looking at you). However, there were also some really cool horrors in there too, and this one - a devil that seeks to sow discord and confusion in the mortal world - is one of them.

I'm going to level with you, barbed wire and thorns was a terrible choice for this kind of weather...

Appearing as a floating, ram-horned humanoid, wrapped in writhing lengths of thorned vine and barbed wire, these things are not the most imposing daemons physically. However, their very presence causes bursts of temporary madness, and their touch summons the very fires of Hell.

So, happy Yule! Ho-Ho-HOLY WEAPON PLEASE!!!!