Veteran's Solo Adventure

Happy Christmas / Yule / Dark Season

Epic Boon - Energy Negator

Agarat - Medium Undead (CR2)

Earthquake Beetle - Jishin Mushi (Huge Beast - CR 5)

A Quick Note About the Older Content


Glowing One - Medium Humanoid (CR 4)

Nullstone Gargoyle - CR 6 (Medium Construct)

Getting Drunk, Very Drunk and Dead Drunk

Some More Epic Boons

A Few Items I Posted on D&D Beyond

Hell Knight - CR 12 (Large Fiend)

Pistol Wraith - CR 18 (Medium Undead)

Nethersoul Shambler - CR 3

Screamer Beetle - Medium Beast (CR 1/2)

Dagolar Slime - Medium Ooze (CR2)

The Alchemy Domain

Gun Totem - CR 5 (Large Construct)

Two Poisonous Plants

Intellect Glutton - CR 9 (Large Aberration)