The Butcher - Huge Fiend (CR 25)

"Ah! Fresh Meat!"
- The Butcher

Diablo turned 20 years old recently, and I was too busy to recognise that on here. So, to remedy that, here are my stats for a very epic version of everyone's (least)favorite daemon - The Butcher. 

I played Diablo when it first came out, and remember the ABSOLUTE FURY of being repeatedly and mercilessly murdered by this prick! I also remember the frequent scenario of trying to run away from him, and ending up in an even worse situation as I stumbled into large groups of enemies elsewhere. 

Ultimately of course, it was worth it when you finally killed him - but still. 

In Diablo III the Butcher is back, and this time he is a hulking monstrosity that has a new array of vicious tricks. He's actually not the hardest guy to beat (not by a long chalk), and if you want to recreate him "as is", you might want to strip away all the legendary stuff in this build (it hugely ramps up his CR).