Quell - Medium Undead (CR 3)

Ormid and the gang are currently fighting for their lives against an ancient Lich (and former player character). One of this bastards legendary powers allows him to summon a number of undead, and in the next game, I suspect that a Quell - an undead originally found in the 3rd Edition Libris Mortis - will soon by getting called in order to deal with a cleric of Namaea'Isaala who is causing the Lich some headaches.

"Ok, ok, so can we please decide which of these I shall be known as, as I am sick of being known as the undead formerly known as Quell"

Quell appear as shimmering, floating humanoids, surrounded by swirling symbols which speak of blasphemy and disgust for the Gods. Though physically little threat, their true power comes from their ability to temporarily cut a deist off from the source of their power.

In my games, it is unclear where the first Quell came from. Some suppose they were forged during the Primal Wars, or that they arose from a great apostate or heretic of some ancient power. What is known is that they are rare, and are a menace to be wiped out at once - or bound and made use of.