Dwemer Sphere - Medium Construct (CR 5)

By way of an apology after a period of poor posting regularity (no excuse - been playing a lot of ESO when I should have been writing D&D stuff), I thought I would post the stats I did for another Elder Scrolls staple - the Dwemer Sphere.

God, I hate these things so much, and invest in stealth heavily as much to avoid having to face these armour plated douchebags as anything....

...However, they are cool, and my hate for them only reinforces the need for them in D&D, you know, to upset your players....

Irritating - like a thrush infection


Anyway, enjoy. Oh, and if you haven't played any Elder Scrolls games....why?

Note: Descriptions improved after observations by Drafts@Matt's. Nice catch!


  1. Is there any drawback to being in sphere form?

  2. Aha! Good catch. It can't make most attacks in that form. I need to make sure thats clear.

  3. Description updated for clarity. Thanks again!


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