New Player Race - Ghovian (Giff)

Yes - those Giff!
I'm about to launch my Discord "Daily D&D" 5e group into Wildspace, and the captain and first mate of their ship are Ghovians - the race known officially as Giff. 

Now, I know that I have often complained about the over abundance of anthropomorphised animals in D&D (apart from the Fey Corgi, 'cos damn, those things are cute), and as a general rule, I still shudder each time a new "Ratman" race or *shudder* "Cat People" race gets vomited up. However, the Giff had a cool background, and outside of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles weren't overused or totally trite.They also fit very well with the madness of Spelljammer, and so, they made the cut and are found in my games. 

Cut to the current game, and I wanted to ensure that I had a based on which to design the NPC's of this race, and, should a player lose their minds and want to play one, stats to cover that. 

And it is those that I want to share with you now. I hope you enjoy!


Ability Score Increase: +2 Con, +1 Str

Age: Ghovians age at a slightly faster rate than humans, and tend to live until their mid to late 50’s.
Alignment: Ghovian’s come from very ordered societies generally, and tend to lean towards lawful alignments.

Size: Ghovian’s stand between 7-10ft tall, and have a bulk about four or five times that of a human. As such, they are large creatures. Their reach is 5ft.

Speed: Your speed is 30'. Ghovians also have a Swim Speed of 15’

Magic Resistant: Ghovians may re-roll a saving throw they have failed against a spell or other magical effect. Once they have used this ability, they cannot use it again until they have taken either a short or long rest.

Hold Breath: Ghovians can hold their breath 5x as long as other creatures.

Head Butt: There is no such thing as an unarmed Ghovian, for they may make a melee attack with their heavy heads. They are proficient with this attack, and it inflicts 1d8 bludgeoning damage. If they hit the target by 4+ more than was needed, the target must make a Dexterity or Strength saving throw (their choice; D.C = 8 + Ghovian’s Strength Modifier + Ghovian’s Proficiency Bonus), or be pushed 5ft and knocked prone.

Martial Weapon Proficiency: Firearms: Ghovians are trained from birth to understand how to maintain and fire firearms, and as such are proficient with them


  1. I introduced the 20 somethings in my current party to Giff last night. I just might make my next character a Giff or at least convince the DM to bring one in as an NPC.


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