Tenebrous Worm - Large Beast (CR9)

Today we consider the larval stage of the creature who's stats I shall post in the next day or so. Found in the original Monster Manual II in AD&D, these vast, spine-furred caterpillars are native to the Shadow Planes, though they do frequently slip into the Physical Universe. Dwaer'Syth and other deep races may keep them, both for their deadly venom (which can be extracted with the right skill, equipment, and a D.C. 22 Intelligence (Alchemists Kit) or D.C. 18 Intelligence (Poisoner's Kit) check, and because the wings of their adult form can be used to craft a number of magical items and components.

Ah, 1st Edition Art, I do actually, genuinely miss you...

I have used these in game, and they proved to be a good challenge for a well equipped band of adventurers - the poisonous hairs almost claiming one life. I hope you like! Enjoy!