Dagolar Slime - Medium Ooze (CR2)

These odd little things were found in the old video game Dark Sun - Shattered Lands - an utter classic. They are psionic slimes which resemble grey oozes with human like brains in their hearts, and nerve like tendrils running through their forms. even better, back then, it wasn't uncommon for SSI to publish AD&D stats for their new monsters, meaning I could use these in my own games.

I have, in most editions of D&D done a conversion for these things (and Mountain Stalkers - those guys were badass), and this is my conversion for 5e. I hope it pleases you!


  1. Seems like there is a high chance the Psychic Crush kills a 2nd level character outright, is that the intent?

  2. Hey thanks for reading. The low AC, and relatively low Hpts with minimal resistances and immunities give a Defensive Rating of 0, whilst the damage output (25 Hpts per round when taken over 3 rounds with +5 / D.C 13 save) is Rating 3. I think I rounded up the CR as CR 1 seemed... Silly. Having said that, although the intent is not to murder a 2nd level character, its possible. There are some surprisingly vicious CR 2 monsters out there... Wymington Black Dragon for example :)


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