Pistol Wraith - CR 18 (Medium Undead)

Another monster from the amazing Monsternomicon - which is currently part of a Humble Bundle BTW - the Pistol Wraith is the undead soul of a Gun Mage, and according to that tome is a foe for high level and epic characters. Firearms, in the late 2nd Age, nearly whole 3rd Age and mid to late 5th Age of my game world are a common thing, and there are those who dedicate their lives to using their favorite weapons in conjunction with magic. Therefore, it seems only right that these things could infest my own - and probably your own - worlds, waiting to shoot their ghostly bullets at would be heroes, and looking utterly kickass too!

Also, as Halloween is upon us soon, I'm going to try and do some spooooooky conversions / new monsters (time, as always, allowing).

This handsome chap is one...