Screamer Beetle - Medium Beast (CR 1/2)

For those travelling through the desert, the eerie, thin wail of these giant, irridescent beetles is a terrible sound, for it is the herald of a swift, screaming death. 

Another of the monsters from Dark Sun - Shattered Lands, this monster is a psionic bug that can really ruin your day - especially at low levels, when that blast of psionic energy can really hit hard!


  1. Hi, I just found your blog, enjoying reading your statblocks. The damage on this little guy seems a bit high for his CR though? Does your math assume that a 10ft cone will only hit one player?

  2. Nope. I follow the DMG advice that you assume two characters get hit and fail any saves. :) However the low Hpts and lack of immunities, resistances and saving throw bonuses drops the defensive CR quite a bit, resulting in a low CR beastie. Its the same with the Dagolar Slime, which most definitely can zap a 2nd level character into Oblivion if they fail a save. :D


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