Hell Knight - CR 12 (Large Fiend)

Goddam I loves me some Doom. Ever since I first saw it playing on my mate's PC back in the mid 90's, I have played almost every version of the video game imaginable, and I have loved them all (yes, including Doom 3).

Anyway, the Hell Knight is a staple of the game; a towering juggernaut of tense flesh, roaring mindless fury, and horrible screaming pain. They have gone through a few iterations, with some lobbing bolts of plasma at enemies and some not, but I must admit, I think the scariest are the ones from Doom 2016 - ferocious, merciless, resilient and fast !

So, as I didn't get chance to post a Halloween monster or article, here are my stats for the Doom 2016 version of the Hell Knight....ready to drop in amongst your players....

I am Hell Knight, hear me roar! I'm the daemon you can't ignore!!!


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