Some More Epic Boons

The Ormid game has now passed level 20, and they are getting to pick Epic Boons (if they want) when they go "up a level". They are about to enter a Beholder hive to face a Hive Mother and her children, all in the hopes of locating a Chrono Portal with which to use an ancient Chrono Key, which was left for them by persons unknown (and which is probably a trap).

Yes, the power level is insane, yes, the combat is insane, no I am not struggling to challenge them at all, and yes, yes YES, it is a huge amount of fun!!!

I know a lot of groups despise ultra high level play. I never have, and indeed, love the ability to throw the characters into time and plane spanning plots involving Gods, elder daemons, angelic armies, elemental plots and technologies that were banished for their universe consuming dangers. I also love seeing characters that once paled at lowly Gorgryn, facing off against hordes of mind dissolvingly deadly enemies, and just love how insane and overpowered it all gets...

And so, the Boons. Epic Boons are a way that characters can continue to expand their power once they hit level 20, and are in the DMG on pages 231-232. I know they are not many folks cup of tea, and I know that many of you will read this and have a small internal meltdown.

That's cool, this isn't for you.

However, some of you are probably after some extra boons, and well, you are in luck!

Here are a few I made for my campaign. There are many more, but hey, they can appear later.


One little note. I do think that any epic boons should change the characters appearance and / or demeanor. These are little slices of Godhood, and mortal forms cannot hold them. It is only logical that your character will develop some clearly supernatural change because of them. For example, if you chose Crimson Determination, you may gain extended eye teeth and sullen, glowing red eyes which flare brightly when enemies bleed before you, or you may gain strange metallic growths or plates when you attain the Fortified Form boon.

You may be epic level if the Gnarrak have floaty crystals...

*     *     *

Crimson Determination (Epic Boon)

You have advantage when making attack rolls against living enemies that are at 50% or less of their total hit points.(This is a conversion of a 4e power found in Dragon Magazine 393)

Impressive Oration (Epic Boon)

You have advantage on all Charisma (Diplomacy), Charisma (Performance) and Charisma (Persuasion) checks. If you roll less than a 15 despite this, you are considered to have rolled a 15.

Fortified Form (Epic Boon)

You gain 50% Fortification*. You may choose this Boon more than once, each time increasing your Fortification by +25%. You may increase your Fortification to an amount over 100%.

Dolorous Blow (Epic Boon)

You consider an enemies Fortification* to be 50% less than it is. You may take this boon multiple times, each time increasing the amount your ignore by +25%. You may increase this value to an amount over 100%.

Devastating Critical (Epic Boon)

When you score a critical hit against an enemy that does not possess Legendary Actions or Abilities, they must make a Constitution saving throw (D.C. = 8 + Your Attack Modifier). If they fail this saving throw, they are slain. Once you have used this power, it cannot be used again until you finish a long rest.
You may choose this boon more than once, each time allowing you to use it one more time between long rests. However, this boon cannot fill more than half your choices of epic boon.

You are almost certainly epic level if Wayne Reynolds is painting you...

Entropic Strikes (Epic Boon)

Your attacks are now imbued with the power of entropy, and inflict +5 (1d10) necrotic damage.

Celestial Strikes (Epic Boon)

Your attacks are now imbued with the power of the Relucent Planes, and inflict +5 (1d10) radiant damage.

Bane Strike (Epic Boon)

You may expend your reaction when hitting an enemy with an attack or spell, to convert the damage into the Bane form of that damage. Once you have used this power, you cannot use it again until you have had a short rest.

* Fortification is a house rule, based on an old 3.0 / 3.5 mechanic. In my 5e games, Fortification is a percentage chance that a Critical Hit scored against the target is reduced to a normal hit. It is something we all quite like, and I include these Boons here in case you use something similar, or want to start. Again, not for everyone - many may think its a "Gotcha!" ability, and I kind of agree - except many spells, items and abilities in my home game grant players Fortification too!